We’re on the home stretch!  Today’s Simple Way is to create a Scavenger Hunt for someone you care about.

For this Scavenger Hunt, I made and color-coded clues for my sweet kids.  The first clue was found in their ’14 Days of Valentines’ Mailboxes and they raced all over the house to follow their nine clues.  Sweet Boy’s clues were riddles to be solved, but Sweet Girl’s clues were simply instructions to go here and there.  They loved it!  (And quite frankly, I loved seeing them so excited.)

The Clues for Sweet Boy:

  • I come from cows – I make you strong – Drink me up – You won’t go wrong!
  • I take your clothes – When they’re wet – Spin and dry – For you to get.
  • We go “choo choo” – We have a track – We ride the rails – Here and back
  • I am a table – And I seat 8 – Get the dishes – Before it’s too late
  • They cover your feet – And keep you warm – Here’s where they’re kept – When in clean form
  • Brrr!  It’s cold! – I hold ice – Keep me closed – And you’ll stay nice
  • I shine at night – There are 3 of me – Look up high – And you will see (We have 3 star-lights)
  • I have a bell – I’m just outside – Open the door – I won’t hide
  • Scrub a dub dub – Three men in a _____

The Clues for Sweet Girl:

  • Look under your Princess chair.
  • Look in Mommy’s shower.
  • Look in your clip drawer.
  • Look in your baby’s crib.
  • Look in the Dining Room vase.
  • Look where the cheese sticks are kept.
  • Look in our “elevator.”

And apparently, I purchased an empty box for Sweet Girl’s treasure at the end.  Good thing I keep a “stock o’ junk.”  It was easily replaced with a magnetic Dress Up Belle.  Sweet Boy’s prize was a train whistle (He is super into trains right now!)

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Who will you make a Scavenger Hunt for?  


31 Simple Ways to Celebrate Today is a series designed to help you laugh a little more, act with others in mind and even enjoy a little silliness . . . and most definitely, to cause you to break from the busyness of your life with intentional little moments of fun.


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