10 Party Items Not to Pass Up at a Garage Sale!

If you love entertaining and throwing parties, but you don’t like spending a lot of money, you need to hit the spring and summer garage sales!  I have scored so many great deals on treasures from garage sales and flea markets that I now use for entertaining, tablescapes and party decor.

If you see these 10 items, snatch them up and add them to your party closet:


1. Food Risers

A buffet always looks better when you elevate platters to varying levels.  Be on the look out for crates, stands or boxes that will help create visual interest on your table.

2. A Beverage or Tea Cart

I cannot tell you how often I have used my $20 tea cart.  Here is a whole post about it.  From beverage station and breakfast server to the perfect spot to feature a pretty birthday cake, this was one of my best garage sale finds ever!


3. White Serving Dishes

Okay, I may be a hoarder here, but I love white serving dishes.  A white platter can make food pop and look fabulous.  Consider all shapes and sizes.

4.  Themed Party Supplies

Now I may be totally crazy, but I make my kids pick their next birthday theme before garage sale season starts.  You never know when you’ll stumble upon a collection of themed party supplies that some mom just wants out of her house.


5.  China { Tea Cups and Luncheon Plates in Particular }

I have a fun assortment of unmatched tea cups that I love to bring out when a friend stops by or for a ladies’ lunch.  Don’t miss luncheon plates as well . . . whether china or glass.

6.  General Party Goods

You can build quite a stash of party supplies by purchasing balloons, crepe paper and paper products for a fraction of what they cost in the stores.

7.  Cake Plates

Oh dear, I love footed cake pedestals.  Different colors, different shapes and heights . . . a footed pedestal can make your food or dessert look so pretty.  Keep an eye out for the seller who is cleaning out!

8.  Trays

Over the years, I have grown quite a collection of trays . . . wood and metal.  And I probably have spent a decent amount in the stores.  When I shop garage sales, I look for different trays, including ones that I can refinish or simply add a coat of spray paint.

9.  Serving Utencils

This is one of those times when you especially want to know what you have on hand.  Keep your eyes open for “serving grade” spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, slotted spatulas, pie knife/server and cheese knives.  I also like to have (cheap) extra spoons which I can take to a potluck and won’t lose sleep if the spoon doesn’t make it back home.

10.  Ribbon

I have found new ribbon at garage sales for 10 and 25 cents/roll which totally means I stock up.  It comes in handy for party favors, decor . . . all sorts of things.

Those are my top 10 items but these are other great entertaining/party items I have found at garage sales as well:  Frames, TV Stands, Wood Chairs, and Old Books.

Tell me, what would you add to the list?

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