diy clothespin flags - 10 games & activities

Have you ever played flag football?  No?  Me either.  But I love the idea of flag football instead of all that crazy tackling.  And I love the flags for all the different things you can do with them.  

Today, I have a little DIY version of the flag football flags…Is that a mouthful or what?  This is a simple craft with many uses.  In fact, I have 10 great ideas for games and activities.  

But first, let’s make our flags.  You will need:  clothespins (I get mine from the Dollar Tree), spray paint, scrap fabric and a hot glue gun.   I had all these items on hand which makes a project even more fun.

How to Make:  Spray paint your clothespins.  Cut your fabric and hot glue to the clothespins.  My fabric is over 21″ long.  Traditional flags are just over 15 inches long.  Don’t you love how simple these are?

how to make clothespin flags with 10 games and activities.

If you don’t want to make clothespin flags, we also have a flag football set like this one.

10 Clothespin-Flag Games & Activities:  

1.  Flag Tag – Give each player 1-5 flags.  When a player’s last flag is pulled, he or she is out.

2.  Parents Bridge & Grab – Have the parents (or two players) create a bridge by holding one set of hands.  The players have to run under the bridge, while the parents try to grab flags with their free hand.

3.  Partner Tag – Have players separate into pairs and link arms.  Play tag and try to grab other teams’ flags.  The team with the most accumulated flags wins.

Read the rest of the games and activities at Motherhood On A Dime, where I am guest-posting today.  And I’ll let you in on a secret:  my favorite is #8!

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